Your Virtual CFO

Our package services make it easier to manage your entire Accounting needs in one place.

Benefits of Virtual CFO Services

Whether it’s making a product or providing a service, you’re an expert when it comes to your business. However, you’re probably not an expert at reading financial statements. A virtual CFO that is part of an outsourced accounting firm can help take on many management tasks that are typically time consuming for busy business owners and founders. A bookkeeper usually can’t.

When you hire a part-time virtual CFO, you pay only for the services your business requires. Amz Accountant is happy to talk to you about your business needs. To get started, schedule a complimentary strategy session.

What we do

With numerous state, federal and international tax requirements, we will help you establish your business domestically or expand to other international markets. Regardless, we at AMZ Accountant will structure your business in the most tax efficient way possible.

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We offer cloud bookkeeping to make sure you are up-to-date in real time. Having detailed Balance sheet & Income Statements will not only establish business credibility, but will help our tax experts maximize deductions and in turn minimize tax liability.

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Having accurate financials is only one step to transparency. We go further by analyzing key financial metrics that truly determine the health of your company. These metrics that relate to cash management and profit analysis will help you make effective decisions.

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Tax Planning

We have specific legal Tax strategies for E-commerce businesses that your Accountant might have missed.
We make sure that effective tax planning is a part of your tax process.

Tax Preparation

The goal of tax preparation is not to reduce taxes, but basically is the process of compiling, preparing, and filing tax forms. Some professional tax preparers may give you general tax guidance and tax savings advice based on your tax returns for recent years. Or they just answer your specific tax-related questions upon your request. However, many of you may not get proactive tax planning advice from them.

Tax Planning

The purpose of Tax plan is to do a full analysis on a clients life and business, and get them to a better state where they are paying less in taxes. Tax planning seems like tedious work for tax preparers and usually they keep their clients in the dark on how to save money for their next tax return, but this is why tax planning is necessary. Give us a call and we will sort out planning for you.

Trusted Advisor

With the E-Commerce industry being such a competitive landscape, we understand the sensitivity of client information and protect it. As Licensed CPA’s we are held to the up most standards of client confidentiality, so rest assured that your information is safe with us.

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Knowing that every business is at a different stage of growth, it is difficult to provide a tiered fee breakdown. Instead, our approach involves meeting you, our clients, where you are to tailor fit services and pricing to fit your current business level and needs. To learn more, call us today for a free consultation.

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Our e-commerce accounting firm and small business mentoring service is completely paperless and operates securely on the cloud. Our unique client portal will allow timely transmission of data for your real-time business decisions. We emphasize experience, knowledge, and quality of service rather than proximity. 

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Are You Sales Tax Compliant?

States in the US are mounting tax pressures against third-party sellers, as seen with the new amnesty programs. Sales Tax Nexus and Sales Tax for Amazon merchants is a very difficult and confusing topic to navigate through. Not filing on time can mean hefty penalties and interest which nexus states constantly look to fill budgetary needs. This is why we offer our expert ecommerce accounting services to small businesses in the US and across the world.

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