We help clients maintain financial viability in the present while taking a proactive approach to achieve future goals.

AMZ Accountant is a Virtual Accountant focused on online businesses. We deliver unequaled bookkeeping and accounting services to Amazon sellers, Shopify stores and other eCommerce companies who are facing common challenges, barriers to entry, or seeking financial transparency. What makes us different is our combined experience. We have years of experience in the intricacies of online business taxes, entrepreneur mentoring, and virtual accounting for eCommerce companies. Having been partnered with successful Amazon businesses we have decided to utilize our CPA credential and background to go forward with our true calling – to offer our clients a proactive approach to growing their business – and to be an effective virtual accountant, eCommerce bookkeeper, business advisor, tax advisor, and tax planner for Amazon and Shopify sellers. Having the inside knowledge of the eCommerce business world combined with over 15 years of accounting/tax experience with top accounting firms, makes us the best friend of any eCommerce, Shopify, or Amazon-based small business. Our online accountants are eager to act as your trusted adviser and personal CFO.

Why choose us

Our passion is helping eCommerce businesses grow and become profitable. Sharing our experiences as a small business mentor and building long-term business relationships is the cornerstone of why we started AMZ Accountant. As the most trusted virtual bookkeeper, accountant, tax planner, and business advisor for Shopify and Amazon sellers, we have cataloged, learned, adapted and thrived in eCommerce, and now we want to pass on what we know to you.

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