We help E-commerce businesses uncover HOW THEY ARE OVERPAYING $30K + IN TAXES, even after deducting all business expenses. 

What We Do

Business Planning

Choosing the right business structure is crucial for eCommerce success, especially in a bustling city like Orlando. When deciding between an S corp vs. LLC, it’s important to understand how each impacts your business.

Sales Forecasting & Budgeting

Serving Orlando, our eCommerce CPAs focus on sales forecasting, projection, and budgeting to guide businesses toward tripling their growth speed and cutting inventory costs by half.

Cash Flow Analysis

At AMZ Accountant, our financial analysts in Orlando specialize in cash flow analysis, helping eCommerce sellers like you grow your revenue by up to 15%. We focus on making sure your finances are accurate, taxes are optimized, and costs are kept low.

Virtual Bookkeeping

Virtual bookkeeping and Amazon and Shopify accounting services in Orlando are a game-changer for eCommerce sellers, simplifying accounting tasks and boosting profits with expert accountant support.

Tax Preparation

AMZ Accountant specializes in tax preparation and offers a dedicated tax filing service in Orlando, focusing on sales tax compliance for eCommerce businesses. With evolving sales tax laws, our expertise ensures that your business remains compliant, avoiding costly penalties and audits.


Tax Planning

AMZ Accountant provides tax planning services in Orlando, with our online CPA team ensuring you navigate complex tax laws efficiently to maximize deductions and credits.

Bookkeeping & Accounting for eCommerce Sellers

Utilizing online bookkeeping services from our proficient eCommerce CPAs in Orlando is key for those in eCommerce worried about sales tax compliance. Our services decrease the chance of errors and audits, thus avoiding fines. With our eCommerce accountants’ guidance, businesses can smoothly navigate complex regulations, ensuring peace of mind and allowing them to focus on growth.

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CFO Consulting Services

As an Amazon and Shopify seller in Orlando, having a fractional CFO by your side is crucial. Our eCommerce CPAs dive into your finances, making sure everything runs smoothly and profitably.  We’re always ready to tackle challenges and steer you toward success.

Fractional CFO Services

As your eCommerce consultant, we understand how quickly the online business world moves. Our virtual, fractional CFO in Orlando is here to guide you through tricky financial waters, helping your business grow and keeping your profits up.

Hiring our fractional CFOs in Orlando can assist in improving sales projection, sales forecasting, budgeting, and conducting cash flow analysis without the hefty expense of a full-time executive’s salary.

Trusted Advisor

Management Consulting

As a management consulting firm in Orlando, we offer top-notch business advisory services. Our team uses its deep knowledge of market trends and strategies to create personalized solutions for your company’s specific needs.

CPA Services

An online seller can greatly benefit from specialized CPA services. A Shopify and Amazon accountant in Orlando who is skilled in online tax filing can help manage your business’s financial complexities, ensuring it stays on track while maximizing returns.

eCommerce Accountants

As professional eCommerce CPAs in Orlando, we offer online bookkeeping services and sales tax services. Our expertise simplifies your financial management, allowing you to focus on business growth while we handle the complexities.

Virtual Bookkeeper, Accountant, Business Advisor, Tax Planner & Preparer

What Our Clients Are Saying

Aaron Sguazzato
Aaron Sguazzato
December 3, 2022.
Amz Accountant LLC were great to deal with. They were quick to respond to my enquiry, highly professional and easy to deal with. Overall great outcome and experience. I would be happy to recommend Amz Accountants LLC to my friends and colleagues.
Christina Chiu
Christina Chiu
November 23, 2022.
Was really reluctant initially to reach out due to past bad experiences with a different online accounting company. Come to realize that Amz Accountant is the best thing I could have done for my business! Not only did Gabriel help to amend my previous years taxes but also helped to get me on the right track for the coming year. Communication is always expedient, easy to understand, and the follow through is always on point. Everything is reasonably priced for the level of service they provide. They take the stress of taxes off your plate so you can focus on running your business. Would highly recommend to anyone who does ecommerce business!
Christian Lee
Christian Lee
October 28, 2022.
I've been working with Gabriel for the past year. Absolutely love the service. It saves me a ton of time and money. Also, having access to Gabriel's knowledge regarding tax strategies alone makes it worth it. Highly recommend.
Fab Alf
Fab Alf
October 25, 2022.
If you are an e-commerce business, with local and / or cross border footprint, seeking a rockstar accountant then Gabriel and the team at AMZ Accountant are a wise choice. They understand the intricacies of e-Commerce (Amazon and D2C in my case) and make it a breeze to: * Keep the books in check * Provide business reporting to enable better management decisions * Perform local and international tax planning Highly recommended!
Murtzaa Alsalman
Murtzaa Alsalman
September 23, 2022.
I just want to thank Gabe and Imran for everything they do!! They helped my business recover unnecessary sales tax charges that I shouldn’t have paid. They worked very closely with me to help structure my books and create organization for my business so that I can get a clear idea about my cashflows and PnL. Would 100% recommend their services to anyone!
EJ Bernard
EJ Bernard
September 8, 2022.
This is the second year in the row I have used Gabe's services. He is very knowledgeable, and he works diligently to ensure your business has the best outcome. He is very patient and detailed when explaining concepts and processes that are very foreign to the average person. Having him handle both my business and personal taxes relieved such a major burden. I am confident in his quality of work and he comes highly recommended!
Scott Middleton-Tolley
Scott Middleton-Tolley
August 15, 2022.
As an overseas seller trying to break into the US market the world of American Sales Tax can be daunting and confusing. After receiving a lot of conflicting advice prior to finding AMZ Accountant, Gabriel explained what we should do and why, and helped us understand the intricate American tax system. We would recommend AMZ Accountant to everyone - and we're looking forward to the ongoing partnership between us both.
MrsRogers Hood
MrsRogers Hood
June 30, 2022.
We have been working with Gabe since April 2022 we hired him for taxes and he has now become our CPA we are so happy with his hard work & attention to detail! Thank you for all your hard work and helping us grow our business! -RogersHood Team
David Zardiashvili
David Zardiashvili
May 4, 2022.
Amz Accountantants are absolutely amazing. I worked with Imran directly, although I reached out near the end of the tax season and he warned me of his busy schedule. He was still able to guide me with the best advice, and file my return timely. Highly recommend, will continue my business
Sam Boke
Sam Boke
April 27, 2022.
The construction business is complex as it is. And AMZ was able to help us get our books in order, set-up systems and procedures to make sure we are able to capture our activities timely, accurately. A breath of fresh air working with them.

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