We help E-commerce businesses uncover HOW THEY ARE OVERPAYING $30K + IN TAXES, even after deducting all business expenses. 

What We Do

Business Structure

Getting the right business structure is important everywhere, but in Santa Barbara, it is even more important than other locations. California law is often a bit troublesome. Fortunately, the best online CPAs in Santa Barbara are skilled and experienced at helping your business get the right structure, whether it’s in California, on the East Coast, or anywhere in between.

Bookkeeping & Tax

Speaking of anywhere, you can access our online bookkeeping and tax services via our online client portal. Any time, day or night—anywhere—your business’s financials are at your fingertips with the top online bookkeeping service for eCommerce sellers in Santa Barbara.

Business Advisory

Sometimes there is a gray area. Sometimes the opportunity is there, but the experience isn’t. That’s where we come in. As Santa Barbara’s top eCommerce accountants, we have experience not only in finance, but we have experts who can advise your business as well.

Tax Planning

The more success you have, the more important it is to get your taxes right. Mistakes and penalties can be much larger for businesses with higher earnings, and missed deductions can mean a big blow to your financials. The top eCommerce accountants in Santa Barbara focus on bookkeeping and tax planning for eCommerce businesses.

Tax Preparation

Filing taxes for eCommerce retailers is about more than having a few receipts. As Santa Barbara’s eCommerce tax accountants, we know that inventory, monies owed, monies due, and all of that internet connectivity requires getting everything pulled together to give your business the best chance to avoid a big tax bill.


Tax Planning

Wouldn’t it be better to know how much your taxes would be in advance? It would be a little like predicting the future for your checkbook. Tax planning helps do exactly that. The best eCommerce accountants in Santa Barbara will keep an ongoing eye on expenses and revenue. When opportunities for tax savings arise, we’ll inform you and help you make the financial moves necessary.

Bookkeeping & Accounting for eCommerce Sellers

We aren’t a room full of recent college graduates following a sales script – we are the top Shopify seller accountant and Amazon seller accountant in Santa Barbara. We are a full-service accounting firm with years of experience working with eCommerce sellers.

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Benefits of Virtual CFO Services

Bookkeeping is child’s play compared to analyzing big financial decisions that could have a major impact on your company. What you need is a CFO, but not a full-time CFO in Santa Barbara. You need a CFO that you can go to with ideas and problems and get the advice and direction you need, and then turn it off until you need help again.

Trusted Advisor


As the best eCommerce CPAs in Santa Barbara, we specialize in working with online businesses, so we know a thing or two about security. Your financials are secure and encrypted. Outside of our walls, our lips are sealed. Your confidentiality is never taken for granted.


Some accountants want to charge a retainer for the entire year, no matter how much you use them. Like many things, the increasingly connected world offers a better option. Our virtual accountants serving Santa Barbara can work from anywhere, without paying for high-priced offices and staff. You pay for only what you use, and only when you need it.


Santa Barbara’s trusted eCommerce accountants are proud of our online client portal. Using the best security and IT infrastructure means we can keep your data safe and your assistance quick and easy.

Virtual Bookkeeper, Accountant, Business Advisor, Tax Planner & Preparer

AMZ Accountant also provides virtual bookkeeping and online accounting for eCommerce businesses in
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