We help E-commerce businesses uncover HOW THEY ARE OVERPAYING $30K + IN TAXES, even after deducting all business expenses. 

What We Do

Business Structure

AMZ Accountant can set up your company domestically or assist you in expanding into international markets. Boise’s best online CPAs are savvy on all federal, state, and international tax requirements and can create a tax-efficient business structure specific to the needs of your company, whether you’re based in Boise or anywhere else.

Bookkeeping & Tax

Bookkeeping was made to be an online service. It requires entering data and then pulling that data back out in a multitude of ways. Since you never know what financial information you might need, using our online bookkeeping service for eCommerce sellers in Boise means whatever you do need will be there when you need it.

Business Advisory

Our business advisory services are a unique way to get a second set of eyes, or an extra pair of hands, whenever your business could use a bit of advice. Whether you need expert advice on how to expand or how to handle inventory, Boise’s top eCommerce accountants are here for you.

Tax Planning

Our accountants are trained and experienced and ready to help with your tax needs. As an online business ourselves, we know what makes your business special. Our eCommerce tax planners can customize a plan that works best for your company throughout the fiscal year. The best eCommerce accountants in Boise specialize in bookkeeping and tax planning for eCommerce businesses.

Tax Preparation

Our tax preparation services are multifaceted. We can assist in gathering what you need to file and show you where to find the information when you need it. Even better, if you use our online bookkeeping services, Boise’s eCommerce tax accountants will already have most of what you need conveniently compiled.


Tax Planning

You pay taxes on 12 months of income; you should save on taxes every month of the year as well. Using tax planning services from the best eCommerce accountants in Boise means never missing out on a way to save on your taxes because you didn’t plan for it.

Bookkeeping & Accounting for eCommerce Sellers

As an online retailer, you know all about the benefits of not having to deal with the upkeep and expense of a brick-and-mortar store. The same is true for accountants. Why waste time and energy driving across town to visit your accountant’s office when you can stay in your office and get the same service online from the top Shopify seller accountant and Amazon seller accountant in Boise?

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Benefits of Virtual CFO Services

A CFO can offer valuable and insightful perspectives. Most commonly, a CFO can dig through complex financial metrics and recommend ideas that will make your business more profitable. Whatever you need from an in-office CFO in Boise, our virtual CFOs are ready to do—without the hefty salary.

Trusted Advisor


As the best eCommerce CPAs in Boise, confidentiality is a priority for us. We use network security and encryption to keep your data protected, and we never discuss or share your private information with anyone else.


Paying only for what you need is a popular motto these days. The reason? It’s a great paradigm for consumers. Typically, you might pay for services you don’t really require, but with Boise’s virtual accountants’ revolutionary online bookkeeping system, you pay only for the services you use and nothing else.


Like you, we take pride in our online technology. As Boise’s trusted eCommerce accountants, our client portal offers round-the-clock access to your data at any time. If you ever have any problems, we’re here to solve them.

Virtual Bookkeeper, Accountant, Business Advisor, Tax Planner & Preparer

AMZ Accountant also provides virtual bookkeeping and online accounting for eCommerce businesses in
Syracuse, Grand Rapids, Lubbock, Plano, Milwaukee, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Anaheim, Santa Barbara, and beyond.