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We are your Virtual Bookkeeper and Business Advisor

Business Structure

Towns don’t get any more unique than Boulder, Colorado. And your eCommerce business is a unique participant in the online space. We won’t try to put your business in a simplified box. Our eCommerce accountants get to know you and then they get busy helping you by ensuring that your business is set up with the best structure.

Bookkeeping & Tax

As expert eCommerce accountants, everything we see is either a tax deduction or a possible tax bill. That’s why our online accounting and bookkeeping services in Boulder not only ensure that your books balance, but that someone is always looking for a deduction that might otherwise be missed.

Business Advisory

Businesses are simple to run, until they aren’t. When complexity hits in the form of strange banking requests, financial metrics, or profit analysis, our eCommerce accountants are ready to help. Our online accounting platform offers business advice on local Boulder matters as well as how to handle taxes and currency from around the world.

Tax Planning

As experts in virtual bookkeeping and taxes for eCommerce businesses in Boulder, our online CPAs have developed specific tax strategies that may be overlooked by accountants who don’t specialize in eCommerce. We ensure that we use every bit of current tax law to your advantage.

Boulder's Best Online Accountants & Tax Planners are here to help!

Tax Preparation

Gathering documentation, looking at tax forms, and filing your taxes are what our accountants do every day. AMZ’s online CPAs make sure that you have everything you need to maximize your tax deductions and minimize the tax liability for your business in Boulder, CO. Our eCommerce accountants can do so much more to save you and your business money on taxes.


Tax Planning

Getting you the deductions you already have is the first step, but it shouldn’t be the last one. Tax planning is the process of examining your business and seeing where it might be advantageous to do something differently, or not at all. Beyond looking at receipts, our eCommerce accountants get to know your Boulder business and we work with you to implement changes that keep your online business running smoothly while lowering your tax bill.

Bookkeeping & Accounting for eCommerce Sellers

We’re expert CPAs providing full-service virtual accounting, online bookkeeping, and business advisory services in Boulder, Colorado tailored to eCommerce sellers on platforms like Amazon and Shopify.

Benefits of Virtual CFO Services

Financial statements, banking reports, accounting terminology, and taxes are the kinds of things that distract from running your business. You need someone who can help cut through all of the financial noise and help you find opportunities and avoid pitfalls. You need a CPA and CFO who can be there when you need services, and not when you don’t. That is exactly what you get with a virtual CFO.

Trusted Advisor Confidentiality

As registered CPAs, we are bound to client confidentiality, but that isn’t good enough for us. As eCommerce accountants specializing in Amazon and Shopify sellers in Boulder, our online CPAs take special care to make sure that your data is always safe and secure with AMZ.


It’s as simple as it gets. You pay for what you use and pay nothing for what you don’t use. Whether you need online bookkeeping but not tax planning, or you just want to prepare for your presentation to the Boulder Chamber of Commerce, we’ll provide the virtual bookkeeping services you need at a reasonable price.


We’re an eCommerce business, too. That means we have a round-the-clock online presence. Our client portal offers secure access to your information, anywhere, at any time.

AMZ Accountant also provides online bookkeeping, accounting, tax prep, and business advise for eCommerce businesses in Santa Cruz, Oakland, Arlington, Boulder, and Framingham.