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Business Structure

The proper business structure can ensure that your Arlington eCommerce business has access to every advantage it needs, including tax reduction, liability protection, and proper registration. Whether it’s taking a look at your current structure or helping you set up a new entity, we’ll make sure the legal structure of your business fits the way your business operates.

Bookkeeping & Tax

Bookkeeping is the art of knowing where every dollar is. Tax prep and planning is keeping every dollar possible for your business instead of sending unnecessary money to the IRS. Combining the two opens possibilities that might otherwise be overlooked.

Business Advisory

You know your business. Our eCommerce accountants know business metrics, strategy, and tax liability. From DFW to New York City, our online CPAs have provided first class online bookkeeping and tax prep for years. AMZ Accountant is ready to learn more about your eCommerce business in Arlington, TX. Then our eCommerce accountants offer the strategies that come with our years of experience.

Tax Planning

You are an expert at running your eCommerce business. Shouldn’t your accountant be an expert in eCommerce accounting? Arlington’s best online CPA is here and ready to help.

Arlington's Best Online Accountants & Tax Planners are here to help!

Tax Preparation

Filling out tax forms, making sure you have the right receipts and documentation, and ensuring you get every deduction you deserve—that is what tax preparation is all about. What if you could do even more if you just made some different moves? AMZ’s eCommerce accountants are experts at virtual tax planning and prep for online businesses.


Tax Planning

December is not the time to try to find ways to lower your taxes. Our eCommerce accountants have lots of experience helping online retailers and other eCommerce businesses save money on their taxes, and Arlington’s top online CPAs keep up with the changes every year. The result is honest, up-to-date tax planning that could save you plenty.

Bookkeeping & Accounting for eCommerce Sellers

As eCommerce accountants specializing in Amazon and Shopify sellers in Arlington, bookkeeping, accounting, tax planning, and business advice for online eCommerce businesses is our passion. Your success is our success.

Benefits of Virtual CFO Services

When a business has a vice president of marketing, a vice president of advertising, and a vice president of sales, they are going to need a full-time CFO, but what about your business? You wear a lot of hats, and you may not need a senior executive vice president, but there are those things that you wish you had a senior financial professional to analyze or discuss. That’s where a virtual CFO comes in. Whether in New York City or Arlington, Texas, your virtual CPA and CFO is there when you need them, and not when you don’t.

Trusted Advisor Confidentiality

Big companies aren’t the only ones with trade secrets. eCommerce moves fast, and hard-won knowledge is worth less and less when more people know about it. You can rest assured your data is safe and secure with the most trusted eCommerce CPAs in Arlington, TX.


We charge for what services you need. Our flexibility and online platform ensure that you pay for premium online accounting and virtual bookkeeping services and not for your accountant’s fancy office.


As virtual accountants that specialize in eCommerce for Arlington businesses, our online CPAs know more than a little bit about technology. You can see it in our client portal and feel it in every interaction.

AMZ Accountant also provides online bookkeeping, accounting, tax prep, and business advise for eCommerce businesses in Santa Cruz, Oakland, Arlington, Boulder, and Framingham.