Compliance with sales tax nexus is a task that most Amazon merchants fear.

Sales Tax Services Online

With the recent growth of ecommerce, there have been a number of changes to sales tax laws. This means that many ecommerce companies are now required to collect, file, and remit sales tax for a variety of states that previously did not impose them on remote sellers.

The complexity lies in determining what transactions trigger nexus and therefore require a company to file and remit sales tax for eCommerce. Since it’s your responsibility to collect and remit any applicable taxes on products sold through your store, online or offline, you need to determine the factors that trigger sales taxes, and get them properly filed.

Filing and Remitting Sales Tax for eCommerce

Sales taxes are not just the responsibility of the seller either. You must also include customers in that equation, because they are obligated to pay sales tax according to their state’s law. So to protect both yourself and your valued customer, you need to work with a tax team of professionals who specialize in ecommerce.

You should not rely on your developers or IT staff to be experts in tax law because they probably aren’t. The ramifications of failing to comply with the tax requirements in one jurisdiction can be costly and the penalties can be severe. Our sales tax software helps you navigate filing and remitting sales tax for eCommerce. This is a complex environment, and you need a team of professionals who know how to handle ecommerce sales tax.

Because the sales tax compliance process can be daunting, if you have the right set of online sales tax tools and knowledge, it ca become easier to understand and tackle this task. AMZ’s online sales tax services offer a number of solutions that will help you comply with state and federal sales laws. These include collecting sales taxes from customers based on their location, collecting, filing and remitting quarterly sales tax returns for eCommerce transactions, and managing the complex US nexus rules for ecommerce sellers.