We help E-commerce businesses uncover HOW THEY ARE OVERPAYING $30K + IN TAXES, even after deducting all business expenses. 

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Business Structure

Structuring your company in Lincoln properly is vital. The correct business structure is not only a foundation for success but choosing the best legal structure for a small business can also significantly save you both time and money.

Bookkeeping & Tax

As an eCommerce accountant serving Lincoln, we offer online bookkeeping service and tax services, using cloud technology for secure, accessible financial data.

Business Advisory

Our leading business management consulting firm in Lincoln has business advisors and managing consultants that offer tailored advice to cut costs and find tax advantages for your company’s success.


Tax Planning

In the world of eCommerce, mastering tax planning and ensuring sales tax compliance are key steps to financial success. By focusing on these areas, businesses can navigate the complex tax landscape efficiently.

Tax Preparation

We provide tax prep and provide a tax filing service in Lincoln, focusing on corporate tax needs. Our online approach makes accessing your financial documents easy, streamlining the process for your business.


Tax Planning

At AMZ Accountant, we excel in providing CPA services and tax planning services in Lincoln. Our goal is to ensure businesses of all sizes adhere to tax laws and maximize their tax savings efficiently.

Bookkeeping & Accounting for eCommerce Sellers

Specializing in the unique financial needs of online retailers in Lincoln, our eCommerce accountants offer online bookkeeping services that cater to the complexities of inventory management, international sales tax, and various fees. This expertise ensures businesses can focus on growth without financial stress.

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Hire a Part-Time CFO

Our fractional CFO services in Lincoln offer expert financial advice without the full cost. As eCommerce consultants, we also guide online businesses to success. Incorporating sales forecasting alongside rigorous cash flow analysis and sales budgeting can guide businesses toward financial stability.

At AMZ Accountant, we specialize in eCommerce, adept at tackling unique challenges for sellers in Lincoln. Our virtual CFO services free you to focus on growth.

Trusted Advisor


As a trusted accounting firm, we understand how important it is to keep your financial information private. Our CPA services in Lincoln are designed with your security in mind, making sure only the right eyes see your data.


The average cost of tax preparation in Lincoln can vary, but hiring a CPA, especially for eCommerce accountant cost considerations, ensures you’re getting expert service tailored to your needs.


Our eCommerce accountants offer online CPA services and cloud-based accounting services to Lincoln businesses, ensuring your financial data is always accessible and secure with innovative solutions.

Virtual Bookkeeper, Accountant, Business Advisor, Tax Planner & Preparer

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