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We help E-commerce businesses uncover HOW THEY ARE OVERPAYING $30K + IN TAXES, even after deducting all business expenses. 

What We Do

Business Structure

Learning how to structure your company in Lexington is key to your success. The right business structure, especially the best legal structure for a small business, saves time and money.

Online Bookkeeping & Taxes

AMZ Accountant is an eCommerce accountant offering Lexington online bookkeeping services and tax services. Our cloud technology ensures your financial data is always secure and accessible.

Business Advisory

As a business management consulting firm, we act as your business advisor in Lexington. Our eCommerce accountants and management consultants identify cost cuts and tax benefits, guiding you to success.

Tax Planning

Effective tax planning is vital for eCommerce businesses, especially in managing sales tax compliance. It ensures financial efficiency and adherence to regulations, safeguarding your company’s growth and stability.

Tax Preparation

Selecting an adept service in Lexington for tax prep is vital for handling corporate tax tasks. Our top-notch tax filing service eases the process, ensuring precision and adherence to laws, making corporate tax management effortless and stress-free for your business.


Tax Planning

At AMZ Accountant, we provide CPA services and specialize in tax planning services in Lexington, aiming to maximize your tax savings and ensure compliance.

Bookkeeping & Accounting for eCommerce Sellers

An eCommerce accountant is crucial for online retailers, adept at managing complex financial tasks like tracking inventory and international sales tax. Our professionals provide online bookkeeping services for Lexington clients to streamline their financial management processes, ensuring accurate and efficient handling of all transactions and fees associated with running their eCommerce businesses.

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Hire a Part-Time CFO

At AMZ Accountant, our fractional CFO in Lexington and eCommerce accountants help businesses like yours grow by offering expert financial advice and strategies without the high cost of hiring a full-time chief financial officer.

By providing sales forecasting, we help anticipate future sales. Our cash flow analysis ensures you’re financially informed, and through sales budgeting, resources are effectively allocated.

Our eCommerce accountants offer Lexington businesses a virtual CFO service that quickly deals with financial issues unique to online sellers. By choosing our fractional CFO, you gain more time to expand your business without worrying about complex financial tasks.

Trusted Advisor


As a confidential accounting firm offering CPA services, AMZ Accountant prioritizes strict access rules to keep your financial information private, ensuring only authorized personnel have access.


The average cost of tax preparation can vary, but at AMZ Accountant, we ensure our eCommerce accountant cost is straightforward and competitive. Our online CPA provides Lexington businesses with flexible pricing, allowing you to pay only for the services you need.


As an eCommerce accountant in Lexington, we specialize in online CPA services and offer cloud-based accounting services to ensure your financial data is always secure and accessible.

Virtual Bookkeeper, Accountant, Business Advisor, Tax Planner & Preparer

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