eCommerce Accountant in Sheepshead Bay, NY:
Online Bookkeeping, CPA Services, Tax Planning & Preparation

What We Do

Business Structure

AMZ Accountant specializes in helping small businesses in Sheepshead Bay choose the best legal structure for their company. By providing expert guidance on how to structure a business, we ensure that our clients save both time and money. Trust us when you need assistance with accounting for an eCommerce-based business.

Bookkeeping & Taxes

We provide essential eCommerce accounting services and online bookkeeping service for Sheepshead Bay businesses. Our cloud-based technology ensures that your financial data is secure and accessible at all times. Trust us for accurate tax preparation to help your business succeed with detailed reports and income statements.

Business Advisory

AMZ is a leading business advisory firm based in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. Our managing consultants provide expert advice tailored to your needs. By identifying cost-cutting opportunities and potential tax advantages, and providing accurate information and a fresh perspective, we empower you to make informed decisions that guide your company towards success.

Tax Planning Services

Our eCommerce accountants in Sheepshead Bay understand the complexities of tax planning. We can provide guidance to help minimize your tax liability, including both federal and state taxes. With our expertise in eCommerce and Texas sales tax compliance, we navigate the ever-changing tax landscape for you.

Tax Preparation

Save time and reduce stress by using AMZ’s online bookkeeping and tax filing services for your Sheepshead Bay-based eCommerce business. With easy access to all your financial documents, you can skip the hassle of gathering paperwork for tax preparation. Trust us with your corporate taxes too!


Tax Planning

Our tax planning services in Sheepshead Bay go beyond tax preparation. While tax preparation focuses on compliance with federal and state laws, tax planning analyzes your company’s finances to make strategic adjustments throughout the year for maximum savings and minimum penalties.

Bookkeeping and Accounting for eCommerce Sellers

AMZ specializes in online bookkeeping services for Brooklyn eCommerce businesses. Our team of experienced eCommerce accountants understands the unique needs of online retailers, including tracking inventory, managing international sales tax, and handling complex fees. Trust us to handle all your bookkeeping functions efficiently and accurately so you can focus on growing your business.

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Benefits of Online Fractional CFO Services

Get the benefits of a full-time CFO without the high cost. Our fractional CFO services in Sheepshead Bay offer on-demand expertise and skills, so you can get help whenever you need it. Whether you’re looking for an eCommerce business structure consultant or an online bookkeeper, we’ve got your back.

At AMZ Accountant, our eCommerce CPAs in Sheepshead Bay specialize in providing sales forecasting, cash flow analysis, and sales budgeting services for Brooklyn businesses. Our team can produce accurate and timely financial statements to enhance management insight and promote proactive decision-making. By relying on relevant and precise financial information, you can avoid costly mistakes and secure a strong financial future for your eCommerce company.

Our virtual CFOs’ primary specialty is eCommerce accounting, specifically for Amazon and Shopify sellers. By hiring the top fractional CFO in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, you can delegate the financial and administrative tasks of your business to professionals while you concentrate on growing it. AMZ Accountant is here to help with all your eCommerce accounting and bookkeeping needs.

Trusted Business Advisor


We prioritize the confidentiality of your financial information. Our CPA services guarantee that only authorized individuals have access to your data through strict data security protocols. When you’re working with the most trusted confidential accounting firm in Sheepshead Bay, your financial information stays private and secure.


At AMZ Accountant, we provide reliable and honest accounting services in Sheepshead Bay with flexible pricing. You only pay for what you need, ensuring an average cost of tax preparation that is not only competitive with other Brooklyn CPA services, but is prepared by experienced professionals who specialize in eCommerce accounting.


Access your financial data anytime and anywhere with our cutting-edge customer portal. Our innovative cloud-based accounting solutions guarantee the security of your information. Choose AMZ Accountant for top-notch online CPA services in Sheepshead Bay from eCommerce accountants who specialize in internet-based businesses.

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