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What We Do

Business Structure

Having the right business structure can help ensure your small business is successful—and AMZ is here to help make that happen. We know how to structure a company and can provide guidance on the best legal structure for Brooklyn small businesses in order to save time and money. With our expertise in structuring eCommerce-based businesses, you can rest assured that your business will be optimally structured from the start.

Bookkeeping & Taxes

With our online bookkeeping and tax services, you can have peace of mind knowing your financial data is always secure. As a leading eCommerce accountant in Brooklyn, we are also able to provide detailed reports and income statements so that you can make the right decisions for your business. Our cloud-based technology makes it easier for you to access your financial data anywhere at any time.

Business Advisory

When you work with AMZ’s managing consultants, you can trust that you are getting the best advice tailored to your company’s needs. Our business advisers provide accurate information and a fresh perspective to help you save costs and unlock potential tax advantages. The goal of our Brooklyn-based business management consulting firm is to help you make informed decisions that will guide your company to success.

Tax Planning Services

Our tax planning professionals in Brooklyn have the expertise to help you navigate the ever-changing tax landscape, so you can get on with what you do best—running your business. We provide guidance to help minimize your federal and state taxes, as well as eCommerce and sales tax compliance. We’re here to make sure you are in the know when it comes to taxes, so you can focus on making your business a success.

Tax Preparation

AMZ’s online bookkeeping and tax filing services make corporate tax prep easy and stress-free. Instead of struggling to gather paperwork and spending time organizing documents, let AMZ do all the hard work for you. Our Brooklyn tax filing service ensures all your financial documents are easily accessible and your corporate taxes are filed quickly and accurately.


Tax Planning

For many business owners, navigating the complexities of tax laws can be overwhelming. That is why it is important to understand the difference between tax planning and tax preparation services. Tax preparation ensures that you are compliant with the law, and tax planning focuses on analysis and strategic adjustments throughout the year to minimize your tax liabilities. By taking advantage of customized tax planning services from an experienced CPA in Brooklyn, you can save your business time and money, while ensuring you are in compliance with all applicable federal and state tax laws.

Bookkeeping and Accounting for eCommerce Sellers

The need for online bookkeeping services to accommodate the unique demands of eCommerce businesses in Brooklyn is clear. An eCommerce accountant can provide comprehensive bookkeeping solutions to help track inventory, international sales tax, and complex fees associated with online retailers. With our specialized skill set and experience, AMZ’s eCommerce accountants can help make sure that online retailers maximize their financial success.

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Benefits of Online Fractional CFO Services

With the help of our eCommerce consultant, Brooklyn companies can benefit from the expertise of a fractional CFO without the additional payroll cost. This enables businesses to gain access to professional knowledge and skills on-demand that they would not otherwise have access to. Our team of experts provides a comprehensive range of services to ensure that businesses can make informed decisions quickly, allowing them to remain competitive in their industry.

eCommerce businesses rely on accurate and timely financial statements and projections to help drive important decisions and create sound strategies for the future. Our financial reports and cost models can help you determine the impact of your sales forecasting, cash-flow analysis, and sales budgeting. By basing key business decisions on relevant and accurate financial information, you can avoid costly mistakes while also setting your Brooklyn company up for long-term success.

With our expertise in eCommerce accounting, AMZ’s virtual CFOs are able to spot and resolve any issues that may arise from your eCommerce operations. This can help you save time and money while you remain focused on scaling your business. With a fractional CFO, your Brooklyn-based business gets the financial and administrative support you need to gain a competitive advantage in the eCommerce industry.

Trusted Business Advisor


As a trusted confidential accounting firm in Brooklyn, we are committed to keeping your financial information private. We have implemented strict data security protocols to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to your data. Additionally, we take the confidentiality of your financial information very seriously and will always strive to keep it safe.


Our pricing structure allows you to pay for only the services you require, and our costs are unbeatable. We strive to provide reliable and honest service that stands above the average cost of tax preparation by CPAs in Brooklyn. We guarantee that you’ll get your money’s worth with our services.


Our cloud-based accounting and online CPA services in Brooklyn are designed to provide you with the best user experience. Through our customer portal, we offer secure access to your financial data from anywhere, anytime. Our innovative online solutions ensure that you can keep track of your finances with the utmost accuracy and ease.

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