Online Accounting Services for
Los Angeles' Shopify & Amazon Sellers

What We Do

Business Structure

Managing consultants can be a great asset in setting up the proper business structure. At our online accounting firm, we understand how important this is for the success of a Los Angeles based Amazon or Shopify store. That’s why we offer professional business management consulting services to take the guesswork out of setting up your business. With our help, you can rest easy knowing that the proper legal business structure is in place, allowing you to focus on the more creative and exciting aspects of growing your business.

Bookkeeping & Taxes

Our online bookkeeping services and tax services help Los Angeles eCommerce sellers’ taxes easy and stress-free! No matter if you are an Amazon seller, Shopify seller, or any other type of eCommerce entrepreneur, our cloud-based reports and income statements make it easy to access the data you need to calculate and remit taxes. With our comprehensive accounting, bookkeeping, and tax filing services, we can make sure that your Amazon seller accounting is always up-to-date and accurate.

Business Advisory

Finding the right business advisor for eCommerce isn’t easy. That’s why our management consulting firm serves Los Angeles with a team of experienced business coaches who can look at your Amazon seller business and help tweak current practices so you get the most out of your accounting and tax strategies, while also saving money and getting tax advantages. We understand the complexities that come with running an eCommerce business, and are dedicated to ensuring you are fully supported in whatever way possible.

Tax Planning Services

As the best online accountant serving Los Angeles, we specialize in Amazon and Shopify accounting and have the expertise to help you with eCommerce tax planning strategies that are tailored to your unique business needs. We understand how complicated and often confusing tax planning processes can be, so our team of professionals are here to provide the best advice and assistance on how to plan your taxes accordingly. With our specialized knowledge of Shopify accounting and ecommerce taxes, we make sure your business is compliant and up-to-date so that you can rest easy.

Tax Preparation

Our virtual tax preparers are well-equipped to handle all tax preparation services for Los Angeles businesses, individuals, or both. We go beyond just tax filing – we provide valuable advice on how to minimize costly IRS penalties and maximize your refunds. With our expertise in Shopify and Amazon seller accounting, you’re sure to get the most current information and best strategies for a successful tax season.


Tax Planning

Tax planning is an essential part of financial planning, and tax preparation services can provide invaluable guidance. Rather than just filing your taxes to meet the current year’s requirements, Los Angeles’ best tax planners can help you identify strategies to minimize your liability over both the short-term and long-term. For businesses, Amazon accounting services can be especially helpful in creating a comprehensive tax plan that takes into account all of the company’s financial goals and objectives.

Bookkeeping & Accounting for
Shopify & Amazon Sellers

At AMZ, our Amazon seller accountant and online accountants provide full-service cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping services to Los Angeles Shopify merchants and Amazon sellers. We understand the value of your time and money, so we make sure that our services are of the highest quality so that you can focus on running your business. Our team is highly experienced in providing Amazon and Shopify sellers with accurate, up-to-date data and financial insight, allowing you to make informed decisions. All in all, AMZ is the perfect resource for any online business.

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Benefits of Online Fractional CFO Services

Fractional CFO services are a cost-effective solution for business owners who need expert advice and guidance but can’t afford to add an executive salary to their payroll. With part-time CFO services, your Los Angeles eCommerce company gets the benefit of experienced professionals without the full time commitment. Our firm specializes in providing fractional CFO services specifically for Amazon sellers and Shopify sellers, so we understand the unique accounting and tax issues associated with the eCommerce industry.

With AMZ’s outsourced CFO services, we can develop a tailor-made plan for your business that takes into account your specific eCommerce platform needs. We have experience with Amazon, Shopify, and other platforms, and the skills to help you reach success. Our specialized services also include sales forecasting, cash flow analysis and more. With the professional expertise and guidance of Los Angeles’ top fractional CFO, you can rest assured that your business is in good hands.

Trusted Business Advisor


As an ecommerce CPA, we understand the importance of data security and confidentiality for our clients. Our online accounting services for Los Angeles eCommerce sellers prioritize your privacy, so you decide who can access your financial information. Rest assured that only those authorized will be able to view it. We ensure the highest standard of confidential accounting when handling your sensitive data.


With our online accounting services, Los Angeles Shopify sellers can rest assured that their finances and accounting needs are taken care of. Our team has a wealth of knowledge in Amazon and Shopify accounting and provides reliable services at an affordable price. We go beyond simply providing numbers – we offer advice and consultations to give you the best chance to succeed in the competitive online sales world.


Our team of experienced online accountants are here to help you succeed with Amazon accounting services for your Los Angeles based business. We utilize cloud computing to keep your data safe and secure while ensuring that you always have on-demand access to your accounts. Plus, our team is always available to answer questions and provide the best service and security possible – because when you succeed, we succeed!

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