eCommerce Accountant in Amarillo:
Online Bookkeeping, CPA Services, Tax Planning & Preparation

What We Do

Business Structure

The right business structure will help protect your business from tax and financial pitfalls, but if you don’t know what that is, you may be setting up a minefield. AMZ’s advisors, online CPAs, and eCommerce accountants guide your Amarillo company toward the most advantageous business structure for your enterprise.

Bookkeeping & Taxes

Your business is online; your bookkeeping should be, too! Thanks to our dynamic and easy-to-use software, moving your Amarillo business’ eCommerce bookkeeping and taxes online is a snap.

Business Advisory

No matter how well they’re built, every business needs an outside perspective to keep growing. AMZ Accountant’s business advisory service is anchored in our expert analysis of key financial metrics and reports that we generate from your business.

Tax Planning Services

All accountants can do business taxes, but not all accountants know about the specific legal and tax strategies that we have spent years developing for our e-commerce-based business partners. You can trust our eCommerce accountants for your Amarillo tax and bookkeeping needs!

Tax Preparation

Find the receipts. Find the documents. Match the receipts and documents to categories of expenses and deductions. With some accountants, that is all you will ever get. With our online business focused tax practice, we’ll do all that and more. We’ll get you started on saving money for future taxes as well.



Tax Planning

As opposed to preparing, tax planning involves taking a look at what your business looks like today and positioning it so that it will qualify for more tax savings and sheltering down the road. Our virtual tax planning produces accurate methods to take advantage of every tax savings opportunity for you.

Bookkeeping & Accounting for
eCommerce Sellers

 There are some good accountants in the area, but none of them offer your business full-service eCommerce tax solutions without ever leaving your Amarillo office. Our eCommerce accountants and online CPAs provide services that are convenient for your business. 

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Benefits of Fractional CFO Services

If you’re unable to hire a CFO or you only need one part-time, AMZ’s virtual CFO service brings the expertise of an experienced CFO to your business, when and only when you need it. No more guessing about important financial documents or rushing to beat the tax deadline; our virtual CFO gives you peace of mind so you can focus on running your business.

Trusted Business Advisor


At our virtual CPA firm, confidentiality is crucial to our clients. Nobody but you and AMZ will know about your businesses finances, plans, goals, and strategies.


Accounting services are often too fixed in price or way too loose. An accounting firm charging you a set upfront amount may end up wasting your money by charging for what you don’t need. A firm that just shows up with a bill when finished isn’t transparent and may leave you feeling like you should have gotten more out of the service. AMZ bills you transparently and only the services you require.


Our client portal offers an easy way to handle everything you do with us, and we take our security as seriously as you do. After all, when the thieves come, they want one thing: money. We make sure they can’t get at it through here.

Virtual Bookkeeper, Accountant, Business Advisor, Tax Planner & Preparer